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World-class planning for world-class clients.

Our promise is that we will provide our clients with planning solutions to assist timely delivery of their projects. We will achieve this by providing a professional, consistent and reliable level of service, expertise and access to the finest planners in New Zealand. We will consistently improve our team with constant on-going training and a spirit of excellence that is the very heart of our organisation.

Our company enjoys being part of a vibrant market place and contributing to the sustainable growth and development of New Zealand. We seek to be responsible in business; recognising that we are part of a wider community which provides the environment in which our business can succeed. With the benefits comes a sense of social responsibility and a desire to reciprocate in various ways. This is manifested in the support our company gives to various causes and organisations, such as:

  • Leadership Development International
    (Training of third world Christian leaders)
  • Southern Cross Charitable Trust
  • Red Cross
  • Koru Care
  • Lions Club
  • Kids Foundation
  • Rotary Club

The company also awards the Haines Planning Scholarship (value $5000) to final year students at the University of Auckland’s planning department for research that is linked to the advancement of planning practice.

We also seek to contribute to thought leadership in the profession by advancing visionary planning paradigms and challenging those that are not grounded in market realities, as exemplified in our company’s submissions on the Auckland Spatial Plan and evidence for the Auckland Unitary Plan and Christchurch Replacement District Plan.